How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way)

How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way)

how to approach girlsYour dating life — and sex life — are going to get better OVERNIGHT if you learn how to approach girls. But most guys never figure this stuff out. They go out to the bars and clubs every weekend, and try to converse with girls, but they have no GAME PLAN.

They repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and wonder why girls aren’t interested in conversing with them. They figure that all the hot girls in these places are “stuck up,” when in reality these girls are HOPING to meet a confident, smart, original who sparks their interest.

How To Approach Girls

Here are the most common mistakes men make when approaching women:

– Trying to “get permission” to talk to her. Never say to a girl, “Excuse me, can I know your name?” “Pardon me, may I talk to you?” “Hey, do you mind if I buy you a drink?” Etc.

When you “ask permission,” you are starting the conversation from a position of WEAKNESS. From her point of view, it sounds like you’re apologizing to her in advance because you feel you aren’t worthy of talking to her. This is hardly “Alpha Male” behavior!

This is a terrible move. She sees you as being WEAK and NEEDY. You’re inviting her to JUDGE you and decide why she shouldn’t bother talking to you.

Instead of this weak, apologetic move, you should assume that she’ll be interested in what you have to say. Launch straight into one of the killer “opening routines” that I give in the Mack Tactics books (if you haven’t read these books yet, you’re missing out!)

– Asking predictable questions. Most guys are SO guilty of doing this when they talk to girls! Instead of engaging her in a cool, original conversation, they start asking her predictable, boring questions…

“So have you been to this club before?”

“Are you having fun?”

“So where are you from?”

And so on…

I can guarantee you that if she’s an attractive girl, she’s heard this same, boring line of questioning a million times before. And it signals to her that you’re just another lame, unoriginal guy who is desperately hoping she will like you (but has nothing original to offer).

Instead, use the Conversation Control techniques that are in the Mack Tactics book. When you use the Mack Tactics method, you won’t ever run out of steam during the conversation. You’ll know how to take the conversation to a DEEPER LEVEL that leads to the outcome you want (which could mean sex tonight, if you play your cards right).

When you use Mack Tactics techniques, you’ll discover “hidden secrets” about her that she would normally NEVER tell a guy she just met. And you’ll know how to use this information to build a bond with her that leads towards sex.

– Not getting help. This is actually the worst mistake of all! Just consider the huge ADVANTAGE that women have over us, in terms of having information at their disposal. Women, starting at a very young age, learn how to attract men. There is a whole multi-billion dollar industry of magazines, TV shows, cosmetics and plastic surgery procedures that help women to score the men they want. But guys have to figure this stuff out for themselves! They wind up asking their friends for advice — and frequently, their friends are just as clueless as they are.

Stop taking target practice in the dark. It’s time for you to learn a FREE system that has taught thousands of men how to approach girls with total confidence and skill, seduce them with amazing conversation, and guide EVERY interaction towards the outcome they want…

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