How To Pick Up A Woman On The C train

How To Pick Up A Woman On The C train

Article by Lester Atkins

Learn the Secret Tips to Picking up Women

Being single isn’t very nice, it can be a bit lonely at times, so when you are in a bar then you should have the knowledge you need for picking up women. Picking up Women Tip One The Clothes You Wear What clothes do I wear when picking up women?According to recent studies, women are drawn to men who wear the color blue.Blue shows that you are a good candidate for a solid relationship and will not be up to any thing that you shouldn’t, it also shows that you have a good ability to maintain your self with a high standard.Try and stay away from greens and yellows as this has been know to repel women like garlic to a vampire and your chances at picking up women will diminish somewhat. Picking up Women Tip Two: Spotting Attraction Indicators What body language and gestures will give you the best chance at picking up women?Keep an eye on the way she moves: When you know what to look when Picking up Women, its easier to spot what body language to use and what body language to look, if you see her playing with her hair or her clothes or anything there is a good chance that she is interested in you.As well as all that if she tilts her head it’s a good sign that you are getting her attention and she is quite attracted to you.Picking up Women Tip Three: Tidying and Fidgeting When there is an attraction between 2 people you usually notice body language signs that indicate the person is interested, this is done naturally and most of the time you don’t even know its happening unless you know what to watch for. Picking up Women Tip Four: Be Open With Your Body-Gestures. Don’t be Sitting in a Closed Position Keeping your body language open is much more attractive to women than sitting in a closed position with your arms across you chest.Men who are sitting in a closed position of arms folded across their chests are less attractive to women than men would sit open.Maintaining Eye Contact When you are out picking up women and you’ve spied a woman you like, lock eyes with her for a full five to six seconds, then smile and look away and continue talking with your friends. Keep looking over every 5 minutes or for about 15 but don’t stare or it might be taken the wrong way, then make your move. Picking up Women Tip 5 Be Confident and Have the Alpha Male Attributes.Women by a factor of nature are attracted to dominant men, this is for several reasons some of which include, a mans ability to provide for a family and look after himself and her, this is simple biology at work, so when you are in the company of women, keep you head up high and walk proud as this will give off the right signals.

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