How To Talk To Girls At School

Joseph asks…

How to talk to this girl at school?

I like this girl at school, but I just can’t think of how to start a conversation with her. We have never talked, and most girls would probably be thinking “Why is this random guy talking to me?” So what should I do?

Dean answers:

Talk to your friends near her to the point where she wants to join in the conversation, say hi followed by how’s it going or something similar to that, talk to them the same way you would any other person you’ve never met.

George asks…

How to talk a girl at school?

Okay so as many of you know it is near the end of the school year. There is this one gil i like. But she is in none of my classes. Also i am shy. I dont mean kinda shy i mean i am like cant talk to a girl if my life depended on it. How can i talk to her and how can i get up the courage to talk to her.

Dean answers:

I’m in your exact shoes right now man. I too, am shy as he** and don’t know how to approach it with so little time left in the school year. What I have been doing though is every time I see her I suck up all my insecurities and zone in on my good attributes, it helps my confidence. Just get yourself into the zone and forget everything that makes you insecure. Find aspects about yourself that you would want to share with her and use these to build your confidence. Since you have a minimal time span to work with you need to raise the bar a little.

John asks…

How do you walk up and talk to a girl youve never talked to before at school?

well theres this really cute girl at school an i pass her kinda alot on the way to classes but idk what to say to her if i started talking to her because my friends say shes shy, so help?

Dean answers:

If it looks like she’s got quite a few books or whatever, ask her if she needs any help carrying them to her next class. Even if she says no thanks ask if she’s sure and if she still says no, then you can say alright smile and leave. But don’t give up from there. That’s just the hardest part – the first moment you even communicate.
Just be a kind guy. Be gentle and sweet. Believe it or not, girls gravitate toward that hahah
hope this helped!

Chris asks…

How should I talk to this girl I like at school?

I like this girl at school and I’m pretty sure she likes me too. But I hate first impressions and always get nervous and stuff. I don’t want to just randomly walk up and try to talk to her, that would be really awkward. She’s in my english class, and I see her in the halls sometimes, but I need a reason to talk to her. Were both 15, thanks :) I want to get her number so I can ask her to do something this weekend.

Dean answers:

Ask her “What is the homework in English?” Then ask her “Can I call you sometime?”

Donald asks…

I Need Advice Talking To Girls At School?

This may be a problem that stems back from middle school and high school, when i was retarded on the subject of dating. I am in college now and any place outside of school, i have no problem talking to women. At work, at a bar, at a party, i can start a conversation and have it go on for a long time, no problem. But when i try to talk to a girl in class, i can’t think of anything to say. I never quite figured out how to talk to girls at school. If i can’t think of anything to say about the class, i draw a blank. I feel like i always have to, the first time i try to talk to a girl at school, start with something about the class or the school and then try to work off of that (which never works).

Can anyone give me advice on how to talk to girls at school?

If it helps, yes i have had girl friends before and have done everything that goes along with it but none of those girls were people i met at school.

School is clearly an untapped resource for me.

Dean answers:

Write to them and se what happens, say what u want quick, and leave it with them with your number, it would be lkea blind date to them, b/c the didn’t see u and if u talk for a while and they decide they likeu, then if she really likes u, she shouldn’t care what u look like.

David asks…

How to talk to girls outside of school.?

I am a junior at high school and i can easily talk to girls in a school environment and get their number pretty quick.

But outside of school, i’m just plain boring. I dont know what to say. Any tips on what to say? should i talk about times i had with my friends that were funny? or should i talk about her and be interested in her?

Dean answers:

A conversation has to have a perfect balance of telling about urself and asking the other person about themselves. Talk about things ur interested in, make jokes… Email me or chat if your ever bored haha

Charles asks…

How Do I Talk To This New Girl At School?

this new girl at school i see her in the morning in the cafateria and at lunch i want to talk to her…….what types of things sould i say and ask her.

Dean answers:

Ask her if she likes the school..
Or if she want you to show her around

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