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The Fastest Way To Learn How To Approach Girls

how to approach girlsIf you want to quickly and massively improve your dating life, one of the most important things you can do is learn how to approach girls.

The average guy, however, doesn’t have a clue how to approach girls effectively. Therefore, he constantly encounters these situations…

He sees a BEAUTIFUL woman that he would LOVE to talk to. Maybe they’re at a bar, or at the gym, or on a street corner. (It could be anywhere.)

He thinks to himself, “Wow…if I had a girlfriend who looked like THAT, I’d be be the happiest man on earth…”

And yet, 99% of the time, he WON’T walk up and talk to her. He doesn’t know how to approach girls — he lacks the confidence, and the skills — so he will keep his thoughts to himself, and he’ll allow the opportunity to slip through his fingers.

That gorgeous woman COULD have been his next lover…or girlfriend…or even his wife! Bue because he didn’t know how to approach girls, he missed that golden opportunity and she walked out of his life forever.

So, how confident are YOU about approaching women? Do you feel you’ve got a pretty good grasp on how to approach girls? Or do you ever feel a little bit anxious when you see a cute girl you want to talk to, but you’re not quite sure how to make your approach?

You’re worried you might say something stupid, or that she’ll KNOW that you’re trying to hit?on her…so you figure it’s better if you don’t approach at all.

(Then, you kick yourself in the ass for wussying out…because as we all know, “he who hesitates, masturbates”…)

Well, I came across a book called THE ULTIMATE APPROACH that breaks down and analyzes the BEST ways to approach women and start cool conversations. Here are some of the topics it covers:

* The single most important factor to control if you ever want to have a romantic encounter?with the woman of your dreams. Blow this one strategic step, and say good bye to her forever…

* Discover WHY beautiful women wind up with an “average Joe”… and how you can exploit the answer to get the girl you want.

* One simple yet extremely effective standing posture that women swoon over! It’s effective?and grossly underused BUT if you know it… you’ll position yourself as a desirable guy (even if you have the looks only a mother can love).? ?* Uncover the 6 dead giveaways that reveal IF a woman is interested! Most men don’t have?a clue… and women are dying for you to figure out because “society” tells them to play “hard to get.”

* 5 very common tell-tale signs that expose her interest in you! They’re so subtle (but?easy to catch once you know) that if you don’t know what they are… YOU could be passing up a life of joy because you couldn’t read the signs!

* The Golden Rule of how to get girls that maximizes your chances of finally getting?the hottie you want. It’s IMPORTANT and almost every guy ignores it — yet this one fact?alone would break down the barriers that have kept you locked out of your dreams!

* 4 surefire ways to KNOW if the girl you’re eyeing is eyeing you back! And the one thing?you can do IF you missed the subtle signs women drop… especially when you’re not looking!

* The single most important thing you must develop BEFORE you can enjoy the benefits of meeting and enjoying women.

* How to quickly and easily avoid “psyching” yourself out of approaching your “choice.”?It works… and it works fast — but ONLY if you are really ready to get your girl.

* How to overcome the self-defeating behavior that gives the “scent” of insecurity! This?is the number one turn off to women… DON’T make this mistake!

* 5 counter-productive actions that RUIN your opportunity to get the girl you want! (Then these same “attraction killers” move on to destroy the remainder of your life…)

* How to eliminate 5 destructive habits you can’t ignore IF you want to meet the women?of your dreams. They’re UGLY… UNATTRACTIVE… and reek of FAILURE (a sure-fire way to turn
a woman off!)

Then, this book on how to approach girls gets VERY SPECIFIC and gives you a huge number of interesting, clever openers. (These openers do NOT sound like pickup lines…they all feel very casual and natural.)

Learn How To Approach Girls With Specific, Proven “Openers”

If you’re ready to learn how to approach girls in virtually any situation, you’re going to love the openers in this book. They include:

* Advice opener — How to use a certain subject matter to covertly force a woman to admire you.

* Compliment opener — The oldest and simultaneously most MISUSED opener known to man. If you do this one wrong… forget it (you’ll want to pick up another jar of Vaseline!)? ?* Direct openers — The most DANGEROUS (because it’s the easiest for her to reject) yet if pulled off right — is very EFFECTIVE!

* Drama opener — A simple and powerful technique when done correctly. You’ll captivate her mind and she’ll hang on your every word… if done right! (Fully detailed in the book.)

* Insult opener — This technique is psychological warfare at its best! But don’t make the mistake of walking up to someone and start slinging the “B” word around and think you’ll get a date (it’s much more subtle, but can knock a woman off her high horse…if you want to learn how to approach girls on a level that is WAY beyond the average guy, you should definitely use this one…)

* Joke opener — The most difficult technique …which makes it the most powerful. Why? Because IF you know how to make her laugh… you’ve got her right where you want her. BUT if you don’t… you’ll be cold another night!

* Online openers — The internet is TOO popular to dismiss. Don’t think “cyber-lines” with a smiley face will cut it. However there ARE tried and true techniques!

* Role-play opener — Understand HOW and WHY this works, and you’ve built an immediate bridge between you and your desires! And your target will enjoy every minute of it.

* Situational openers – Quick — Powerful — Explosive… The 3 elements of this technique. Improvise in ANY situation, any time, and she’s sure to be yours!

These are just a few of the techniques The Ultimate Approach teaches. You can read about the rest of it by clicking below.

If you want to MASTER your approach game and know how to approach girls without ANY fear, just click this link and take a look:

The Ultimate Guide To Approaching Women

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