“Here’s How To Approach Women In Any Situation With Bulletproof Confidence, Flirt & Get Phone Numbers And Dates, And Have Endless Numbers Of Beautiful Girls Literally Begging To See You Again!”

Once you learn these wickedly powerful tactics, approaching women will be so fun and easy you’re going to want to kick yourself for not learning this stuff years ago…

From: Dean Cortez, best-selling author of “Mack Tactics


how to approach women

If someone tapped you on the shoulder, and handed you the EXACT system he used to sleep with 22 beautiful women in one month, would you stop to listen?

Or would you just let it slide?

You’ll get a chance to answer that question in just a moment.

But before you do,

I’m going to ask you to stop everything you’re doing at this moment. Get out a pad of paper, or some other way to take notes.

Prepare for some radical changes in your life as you read this until the very end.

Because this letter isn’t like anything you’ve ever read before.

In fact, you’re about to learn exactly what’s been holding you back from approaching every beautiful girl you come across, and how to turn it all around on a dime.

Your total transformation begins here, on this very page.

Now before we get into that…

Let me ask you one quick question.

When’s the last time you saw a hot girl that you wanted to walk up and talk to…but you didn’t grab your chance, because you weren’t sure what to say?

I’m sure you see beautiful women on a daily basis that you’d like to meet, date or just have sex with.

Let’s face it: hot single women are everywhere. But less than 10% of men have the confidence to approach women and start conversations…

And even fewer know how to control the flow of a conversation so that it leads to a successful “close.”

(Depending on the situation, “closing” could mean getting her phone number and seeing her again…or pulling off a “same night lay” and getting sex that night, which is way more possible than most guys think.)

Feeling afraid to approach women is why the vast majority of guys your age lead lives of quiet desperation, never getting the women that would truly make them happy and sexually satisfied.

It’s why most guys see an attractive girl at the bar, and instead of approaching they assume she must be “stuck-up” and do nothing.

(Guess what? That hottie is probably going home with a guy she meets tonight, and it’s not going to be some millionaire stud. It’s probably going to be a regular-looking guy who has the skills I am about to show you…)

I know you’ve been there before. You spot her…THE ONE you want to meet…but your brain starts telling you why you shouldn’t approach her…

how to approach girls “A girl that beautiful must have a boyfriend already.”

how to approach women “I’m not her type. She’d probably blow me off, and it would be humiliating…”

approach a girl “I don’t know what to say…I don’t want to seem weird or creepy, or have her think I’m trying to hit on her…”

It Sucks Not Being Able To Approach Women, And Watching Them Walk Out Of Your Life Forever.

I used to be one of those guys with “approach anxiety.” But it wasn’t like I was super-shy, or I was some antisocial nerd who spent his Saturday nights playing “World Of Warcraft.”

I had friends, a decent job, and hobbies and interests.

If I got introduced to a girl through my social circle, I could find things to talk about with her…

But when I was out at bars, nightclubs or parties and I saw random beautiful women that I wanted to talk to, the butterflies would start fluttering in my stomach…

My palms got sweaty…

I’d be standing there with my beer pressed against my chest, watching her, wishing I knew some “perfect line” that would make her smile and want to know me…

But I never knew the right thing to say. Sometimes I’d force myself to approach and try to introduce myself…but the girl would look surprised and slightly uncomfortable, and after a few minutes of awkward small talk, she’d excuse herself to go “find her friend” or whatever…

Leaving me standing there alone, feeling like a complete failure with women.

Then I Met ‘The Master’…The Bad Boy Pickup Artist Who Changed My Life Forever.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at a nightclub, watching dozens of hot women as they danced and partied…I’d already nervously tried to approach several girls that night, and gotten nowhere.

The first girl totally ignored me — she literally looked right through me and pretended like I wasn’t standing there trying to talk to her. Ouch!

The second girl was sort of friendly, but it was so damn loud in the club that we could barely hear each other. Then some jerk bumped into me and spilled my drink all over my pants, and the girl told me, “It was nice meeting you, but I need to go find my friends…”

The third girl seemed interested in talking to me…until her bitchy friend came over and dragged her off to the dance floor.

In other words, it was a typical night out for me. It seemed like everyone else was hooking up and having fun.

Then I noticed this insanely hot blonde standing near me at the bar, trying to get the bartender’s attention.

Seriously, if Hugh Hefner had seen this chick he would have immediately offered her a million-dollar Playboy Magazine contract and begged her to join his harem…she wasn’t a “perfect 10,” she was at least an “11”…

What happened next blew my mind. This short, funny-looking dude walked up her, whispered something in her ear, and she smiled and giggled. Then he leaned in and said something else to her (I wasn’t able to hear it).

She cracked up, playfully punched his arm, and said “You’re soooo bad…you probably say that to all the girls…”

Then the guy moved in closer and started chatting with her. By this point, I’d moved closer so that I could overhear what they were talking about…the stuff he was saying to this unbelievably hot girl was pure genius.

He was asking her really unusual, interesting questions and then “reading” her reactions like a psychic…telling her quick, funny stories about himself that made him seem attractive…and then he dropped a BOMB…a super-clever line that nearly knocked this chick out of her high heels…

If you’d heard it, you might have thought this dude just blew his chance and offended her…but the incredible thing was, as the DJ put on a new song, she cuddled up next to him and started grinding on him!

He danced with her for about 30 seconds, then he whipped out his cell phone, got her number (using another super-clever line I’ll never forget), and then he then gave her a quick kiss (on the lips!) and sent her on her way….

I was floored by what I’d just witnessed. I said to the guy, “That girl was gorgeous. She’s a friend of yours?”

He chuckled and said, “Actually, I just met her. Her name’s Cindy, I’m going to hook up with her and her friends later at the after-hours spot.”

I offered to buy him a beer, because I needed to know this guy’s “secret.”

(And I definitely wanted to know what he’d whispered in her ear to get that conversation started…)

What he explained to me about the “science” of approaching women…and how to control the conversation, flip a girl’s “attraction switches,” and guide it towards the result you want…completely shattered all of my beliefs.

This guy was playing the game on a whole other level. Soon I would be, too…

We spent the next few months hanging out and hitting the bars and clubs nearly every night of the week. I became his “wingman” and he was my mentor.

He coached me on how to eliminate my “approach anxiety once and for all…and then he revealed his secret techniques for meeting girls and “controlling the conversation” to steer it towards the result I wanted…

I studied his tactics, tweaked them & actually improved them…until I was able to approach women on my own in virtually any situation, and effortlessly get phone numbers, dates and “same night lays.”

Every morning when I left my house, I was a man on a mission — constantly testing out new ideas, scrapping the ones that didn’t work and coming up with new ones that were damn near bulletproof.

Soon I was picking up girls at coffee shops, train stations, at the mall, the beach…and building up my own private “arsenal” of openers, lines and techniques that were wickedly effective.

It was an amazing feeling — instead of watching beautiful women pass me by, now I knew how to take action and turn these opportunities into phone numbers, dates & sex…with hot girls who would have been totally “out of my league” in the past!

I’ve got dozens of tactics & techniques to share with you. Here are a few rules to get you started…


3 Quick Rules For Approaching Women

Never ask permission to talk to her. Leading off with “Excuse me, can I ask you something” or “Pardon me, may I know your name…” immediately puts her on high alert because she senses that you’re just another insecure, needy guy who is hoping to be granted some of her time.

On page 32 you’ll learn how to kick-start every conversation with massive, playful confidence and then maintain a strong “Alpha” mindset at all times. This means no matter what challenge comes up, you’ll always have a smooth tactical response…

By using a few clever, strategic techniques, within minutes she’ll be trying to impress you and demonstrate that she’s cool enough to earn a spot on “your team”…but you’re not going to make it easy on her! You’ll position yourself as the “prize” that she’ll want to compete for and win…while you push a sequence of “emotional buttons” that result in her feeling undeniable sexual attraction.

Assume rapport. When two people have “rapport” it means they’re at ease with each other and have things in common. One thing you’ll notice about guys who are amazing with women: when they meet girls, they talk to them as if they’ve known them forever.

Joking around with them, teasing, giving the girl a funny “nickname,” making light body contact…on page 76 you’re going to learn tactics for creating instant rapport (which you must do as part of laying the proper groundwork. Sexual attraction will not occur unless rapport is established).

On the other hand, have you ever noticed how most guys, when they meet women, act stiff and “formal” and start asking her a bunch of boring questions? (“So what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Have you been to this bar before?” Etc…) You’ll be the opposite of those tongue-tied chumps when you put your tactics to work.

Enter into every conversation with a game plan. In the “Conversation Control” section of this program you’re going to master a whole arsenal of conversational techniques including Hypotheticals, Advanced Cold Reads, Minimal Encouragers, Creative Phrasing, Articulate Avoidance, and many others.

From now on, you will have a game plan and a closing strategy every time you start a conversation with a girl — whether it’s at a supermarket, the gym, or a nightclub on Saturday night. (Part of having a rock-solid game plan is knowing how to Gather Intell on her, which is explained on page 28.)


The bottom line is this: whether you’re going out to bars & clubs to try to get laid, or trying to land the ultimate hottie girlfriend…you simply will not have the success rate you deserve until you’ve got the attitude, skills and confidence to make the right approach.

Master Your Approach Game, And You’ll Stop Letting Sexual Opportunities Slip Through Your Fingers…

Have you ever been out in a bar, a club, or a social gathering when suddenly — there she is. The woman of your dreams…

Your heart starts beating faster, your mouth goes dry, and that sinking feeling comes over you again…

Because you know that no matter how much you want to approach her and talk to her, you just don’t have a clue how to do it.

And so, while you stand there feeling paralyzed…that beautiful girl walks out of your life forever.

Now imagine if YOU had bulletproof “approach game” — the rock-solid confidence and razor-sharp techniques to approach girls in virtually any environment and quickly build “bonds” with them.

Picture yourself being able to instantly impress women as a fun, playful, super-confident guy with a bit of a mysterious “bad boy” edge.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re out running errands, shopping, at the gym, at work, or at the bars and nightclubs…just think how your dating life (and sex life!) would dramatically expand if you never let another opportunity pass you by.

I’m talking about the possessing “super powers” to start conversations with attractive women in any situation and get them smiling and laughing…and the more you flirt with them and playfully tease them, the more they love it!

It would truly be like having a new you.

A more confident and attractive you.

A “you” with all the greatness you already possess, but instead of letting beautiful women pass you by every day — and allowing opportunities to slip through your fingers — you’ll know how to “cash in” on every single opportunity.

And once you’ve unleashed “the new you”…

how to approach girls You’ll feel massively confident around women. No more worrying about getting ignored or “shot down.”

how to approach girls You’ll know exactly how to flirt with women in a way that feels fun, natural and casual — so that girls feel curious and attracted to you on a powerful subconscious level.

how to approach girls There will be no more “awkward pauses” when you talk to women, as you try to figure out what to say next. You will control the flow of the conversation at all times and steer it towards the “close.”

how to approach girls When you call (or text) her to see her again, she won’t “flake out” — she’ll immediately remember who you are, and be eager to hang out with you.

how to approach girls It doesn’t matter if you’re a shy guy who gets “tongue tied” around beautiful women

how to approach girls It has nothing to do with having looks or money (you’ll learn how to project the qualities that TRULY make women feel sexual attraction)

how to approach girls It makes no difference if you’re an older guy who wants to date hot younger women…

how to approach girls And it’s about more than having “game” in bars and nightclubs. You’ll have the rock-solid mindset and skills to approach women any time, in any situation.

Here’s How To Approach Beautiful Women Anytime, Anywhere, And Get Exactly The Results You Want…

Having unstoppable game with women begins here, because you will never achieve this success until you feel 100% confident in your ability to walk up to women, capture her interest and undivided attention, and guide the conversation towards the results you want.

Once You’re Armed With This Information…

how to approach girls You’ll never again worry about what to say to a girl when you approach her. It will feel easy and automatic. (And just as important, you’ll know how precisely how to “bridge” into an awesome, effective conversation.)

how to approach girls You’ll never feel yourself “running out of steam” during the conversation, because you will control the flow and the tempo at all times.

how to approach girls You’ll also master the “other side” of approach that no other program teaches: how to make women feel curiosity and attraction towards you before you walk up to them. You’ll learn how to radiate confidence and status so that women invite your approach.

how to approach girls The secret technique for “reprogramming” yourself so that you feel confident about approaching and actually look forward to meeting beautiful new women on a daily basis.

how to approach girls The secrets of body language are explained, too. You’ll know how to communicate your confidence and masculinity in non-verbal ways — and you’ll recognize when she’s ready to be approached, and whether you are successfully building her attraction (or, if you need to switch up your tactics).

how to approach girls It won’t matter if she is with female friends (or even with another guy!) You will know exactly how to control the situation and make ALL of them your “allies”…and when you want to extract your target and bring her home at the end of the night, they won’t try to “cock block” you.

Some guys want to master these skills so they can make a “breakthrough” with a girl they’ve been wanting to meet for a while.

For others, it’s about building up the confidence to go out there and land the girlfriend of their dreams.

And for some guys, they want to to enjoy their “bachelor status” to the max — constantly meeting and dating new women, and having the kind of social life and sex life that most guys can only fantasize about!

Whichever category you’re in, you’re about to unlock the secrets of using super-effective approach & conversation tactics to get the results you want.

“Ultimate Approach” lays out your complete blueprint for approaching girls and making them feel attraction through the power of your words and personality. For a limited time, when you download this game-changing book, you’ll also receive (free of charge) FOUR powerful bonus products that are normally worth more than $149…

BONUS #1: How To Approach Women, Volumes I & II: The Complete Audio Course

how to approach girls

This two-hour course is an mp3 audio version of the book, narrated by Mack Tactics founder Dean Cortez, and includes special bonus material.

In Volume One, Dean explains how to reframe and recalibrate your attitude and mindset so that you will be fearless with women, neutralize your “approach anxiety,” and make approaching women a fun new part of your lifestyle — whether it’s in evening settings (bars, nightclubs, parties, etc) or during the daytime.

You’ll be locked & loaded at all times and ready to approach new girls at any time, in any place!

Then, in Volume Two, I reveal the specific tactics & techniques that the world’s top seducers use to “break the ice” with women (and even groups of hot girls) and engage them in “strategic conversations” that lead to seduction.

BONUS #2: “Secrets Of Sinn, Volumes I & II: The World’s Most Notorious Pickup Artist Reveals All” (Video Instruction Modules)

approach woman

If you’re familiar with the seduction community and the world of professional pickup artists, then you’ve probably heard of “Sinn.” At a young age he was hand-picked to become the lead instructor for Mystery’s international pickup seminars.

(Mystery was the featured character in the best-selling book “The Game” and was the star of his own VH-1 show, “The Pickup Artist.”)

Sinn is a true master of approaching women, building fast attraction, and pulling off “Same Night Lays” (getting girls into bed the same night that you meet them).

I managed to interview Sinn for a full 90 minutes and grill him about the specific tips, tricks and techniques he uses to approach women and take it to a sexual level.

The result: two explosive video modules, Secrets Of Sinn Volumes 1 & II, in which this pickup mastermind breaks down and explains his seduction techniques so that YOU can start using them.

“I can’t say enough about Sinn. You are learning from one of the best PUA’s on the planet. I’ll never get hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky or guitar lessons from Eric Clapton…but that’s what learning from Sinn was like!” – Pryde

“Secrets Of Sinn” Is NOT Beginner Material.

These interviews are jam-packed with advanced “acceleration” tactics for moving women from the approach to your bed as soon as possible. This stuff is not for novices or beginners.

On the other hand…if you’ve got some game, and you want to learn how to absolutely EXPLODE to new rock-star levels of sexual
success and nail the very hottest women…then this program is going to ignite your skills.

If you’re curious how Sinn pulls off “Same Night Lays” with models, actresses, strippers, and other assorted hot chicks virtually every time he goes out…well, I was curious, too!

That’s why I hammered him with questions to get him to reveal his deepest secrets, including:

The amazing true story of how Sinn went from a desperate, sexually frustrated chump (his first love was a virgin – who wound up cheating on him!) to becoming the seduction community’s most notorious pickup artist.

Sinn’s four characteristics of Natural Attraction: How to be Confident, Fun, Interesting and Masculine. You’ll learn how 95% of men totally fail this test, and how you can project these characteristics in a confident, natural way.

How to guarantee that she comes back to your place at the end of the night

Sinn’s tactics for seducing high-quality women. (He’s picked up and banged scorching-hot Playboy Playmates, Hawaiian Tropics models, strippers,etc.)

BONUS #3: We’ll also give you 50 Free Pages From One Of The Most Powerful Seduction Bibles Ever Created: MAGIC BULLETS, written by one of the world’s most famous pickup experts.

approach a girl

Savoy, the author of Magic Bullets, is the former president of the Mystery Method Corporation. He now runs Love Systems, Inc., the #1 seminar company in the pickup industry. They have appeared on Dr. Phil and The Tyra Banks show to talk about this legendary book, which includes:

The most in-depth breakdown of Female Psychology available anywhere in the seduction community (Chapter 3).

A detailed chapter devoted to Opening (Chapter 5), including six different types of openers that no one else covers.

Transitioning (Chapter 6), which is one of the most overlooked aspects in the cold approach game. Transitioning is that key piece that bridges the gap between Opening a group and beginning a conversation that will lead to Attraction.

Attraction (Chapter 7) is really where the magic happens. Magic Bullets has a huge and in-depth chapter that covers attraction as it relates to the woman’s value, the man’s value, how to use disqualification techniques like “Negs” and other disqualifiers (and, more importantly when NOT to use them at all!)

All the detailed explanation you need to run outstanding Qualification game (Chapter 8) and why you MUST qualify a woman you’re interested in.

Chapter 9 of Magic Bullets is all about Building Comfort. This almost guarantees that she’ll see you again.

Chapter 10 is all about Seduction. In this chapter you’ll learn the 6 major “State Breaks” you must avoid to make sure you end up in bed with a woman. Miss any one of these and you’ll certainly be sleeping alone!

Other chapters include Day Game, Strip Club Game, Physical Progression, Non-Verbal Communication, How To Get The First Kiss, and much more

BONUS #4: One Full Hour Of Video Instruction By ADONIS, The Top Expert In The Game On SAME NIGHT LAYS.

approach girls at bars

Here’s another legendary training session we dug out of our top-secret vault to help you go even deeper into getting the hot girls you want. In this video, the infamous pickup artist Adonis delivers a sold-out seminar lecture on the science of “Same Night Lays.”

This means taking a girl home with you the same night that you meet her and rocking her world.

As Adonis explains in this 60-minute video, “If you don’t sleep with a girl within the first seven days of meeting her, you probably won’t ever get the chance to.”

I’m sure you know what he’s talking about. Remember the last time you met a girl and you seemed to hit if off with her…you got her phone number, and thought she wanted to hang out with you again…but when you tried to call her to make plans, she acted totally different.

She sounded distracted, made excuses why she couldn’t see you, and the whole thing fizzled out and went nowhere…

Well, if you’d known how to sleep with her that first night (and gave her a few brain-melting orgasms), I’m sure it would have turned out much differently! That same girl would have been texting and calling your phone, trying to see you again. Believe it!

And this is why knowing how to “escalate” and pull off the Same Night Lay is essential. Learn these techniques and you’ll be able to accelerate the seduction and get her home with you that night for some amazing sex.

If you then want to pursue a relationship with her — or just want to keep her “on call” for more casual sex in the future — you will have that option. The choice will be yours.

Trust me, once you learn the “acceleration tactics” that Adonis lays out in this notorious uncensored video, you’ll never again get stuck in the “Friend Zone”…you’ll take things to a flirty, sexual level fast.

BONUS #5: The Little Black Book Of Openers – 176 Field-Tested, Wickedly Effective Openers To Kick-Start Your Conversations With Women.

approach girls at clubs

I saved my favorite bonus for last. This awesome manual contains a whopping 176 field-tested openers from an “A Team” of the world’s top pickup artists, which cover virtually any situation.

Sometimes the first words you say to a girl are the hardest ones to get out…and in this essential book (I still refer to it before I go out to meet women) you’ll get the top openers from famous pickup artists such as Mystery, Gambler, Roosh, Tyler Durden, Ross Jeffries, David D’Angelo, and Neil Strauss (author of the smash-hit bestselling book “The Game”).

Every one of these openers has been extensively tested, tweaked and proven to work, including…

Openers designed specifically for approaching extremely hot women. (The type of girls who normally blow guys like us off.) These wickedly funny, clever “ice breakers” will capture her interest, make her smile, and get you “in the door” to start a conversation.

Bar/Nightclub Openers — this makes it EASY to meet women in those environments, where the “average guys” get shut out and shot down.

Coffee Shop Openers (these are excellent places to meet single women — these openers will launch you into a conversation)

“Direct” Openers that are flirty, playful and sexual (great for guys who already have some game, and want to close the deal quick)

Group Openers to help you penetrate groups of girls (often, your “target” will be accompanied by friends — here are the KEYS to slicing in there and getting ALL of them to hang on your every word…

And many, MANY more (this book really has 176 of the best openers…when you read it, be sure to take notes like I did!)

“OK Dean, Sign Me Up! I Want To Learn These Tactics And Get Women Instead Of Wasting Any Of My Time & Money. So What’s This Going To Cost Me?”

First, let me tell you what it’s NOT going to cost you…

From this moment forward, you won’t waste your precious time going out and hoping to pick up a girl, only to wind up going home alone. Every time you go out — during the daytime, or at night — you will make new connections with women.

You won’t take women out on “regular dates” and spend all kinds of money, and then fail to close the deal because you didn’t know how to manage the conversation and build attraction.

Most importantly (and this is HUGE!), you will never need to settle for the wrong woman, because meeting beautiful new girls is going to be so fun and easy. Your world will be one of limitless options and abundance.

Right now during this introductory period, you can get the complete “Ultimate Approach” book, PLUS the bonuses (the Sinns Of Attraction video modules, Magic Bullets preview, the full hour of “Same Night Lays” video instruction, and “The Little Black Book Of 176 Openers) all for only $77.00.

**Update: As of today,

, our low introductory price of $197 $99 $77.00 still stands. But I can’t promise it’ll remain tomorrow… Or even a few hours from now. Once we’ve hit our pre-determined number of success stories, the price will be back up to it’s intended level immediately without notification.

You have nothing to lose by giving this program a try, because your purchase is protected by a 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If at any time over the next 60 days you decide these tactics aren’t getting you results with women, simply contact us and you will receive a full, complete refund.

approach girls

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the quality of this material, we don’t want your money. It’s that simple. We will send you a complete, immediate refund — no questions, no hassles, we still want to thank you for giving it a try.

I’m able to make you this iron-clad, totally risk-free promise because so many guys like you have downloaded this program and emailed me with their success stories…

“I’ve Got A Smoking Hot Girlfriend Now, And I Never Would Have Met Her Without Learning These Skills.”

“I used to get nervous around girls and never felt confident and ‘in control.’ After learning this program my life has truly changed for the better (and I’m not just talking about my sex life!). I realize now that appearance, money and all that other stuff is secondary. I’ve got a smoking hot girlfriend now — and I never would have met her without learning these skills.”

– Jeff, California

“Last Night At The Bar, I Had A Group Of Hot Girls Hanging On My Every Word!”

“I’ve bought three of your programs — “Strip Club Seduction,” “Dating Younger Women,” and “Mack Tactics” — and I think your material kicks ass. I’ve been in the seduction community since 2005, and you are definitely taking it to another level. I especially love your “Hypotheticals” — I used that strategy last night at a bar, and I had a whole group of hot girls hanging on my every word!

– Christopher, Toronto

“This Program Taught Me An Incredible Number Of Cool Techniques…And How To Showcase My Own, Authentic Nature.”

“As I learned this program, I had several ‘aha!’ moments where I reflected on my past behavior with women, and realized I’d been doing it wrong for years. This program taught me an incredible number of cool techniques, but in the final analysis, it showed me how to showcase my own authentic nature. Please let your readers know about the positive impact this has had on my life.”

Pras, U.K.

“Thanks To This Program, I’m hanging out with a whole new level of women…”

“Hey Dean, I’ve seen you before at the clubs in Las Vegas (dude, introduce me to some of the hotties you are always with!!)… anyway, a friend of mine bought your book for me when I was getting over a breakup. I was blown away by how thorough your material is…you’ve got a ‘tactic’ for every possible situation and a solution to overcome any challenge. Thanks to this program, I’m hanging out with a whole new level of women.”

A.J., Singapore

“It Feels Amazing To Have This Many Options, Instead Of Getting Hung Up On One Girl…”

“I was friends with a girl and I wanted to take it to the next level, but I didn’t want to mess things up…Dean, your book gave me the knowledge & techniques to cut through the games and get her into bed. Now she wants to date me exclusively, but now ANOTHER hottie wants me, too! LOL…It feels amazing to have this many options, instead of always getting hung up on one girl.”

– Jermaine, New York

“This stuff ROCKS! Once I learned these tactics and started meeting new women every day, my confidence became unstoppable and my life improved in every area.”

“I’ve been trying out these approach tactics and some of them are just plain brilliant. This stuff ROCKS! These techniques make getting phone numbers and dates so easy. Once I learned these tactics and started meeting new women every day, my confidence became unstoppable and my life improved in every area. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Ron, Las Vegas

approach girls

If you’ve come this far down the page, I know you’re serious about taking action and HANDLING your dating life.

And this is the clear line that separates the winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and talkers.

Anyone can say they want to get a hot girlfriend.

Any guy can dream of having lots of beautiful women in his life.

But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not just talk about doing something.

For only $77, you can elect to grab the keys within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

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Once your payment is accepted you will be sent to a members-only download area where you’ll have instant access to the complete package and all the bonuses. Remember, no physical products will be shipped to you.

The reasons for this are simple: We want to allow you to download your products instantly, and there are no printing and shipping costs.

Our books are in PDF format and our videos can be streamed or downloaded on both PC and Mac computers. You’ll find full instructions in the download area. (It’s extremely simple — just click the products and save them to your computer.)

If you run into any problems whatsoever, my support team will promptly assist you. Just email us at support@macktactics.com.

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story soon —

approach a girl

approach girls

Your Wingman,


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