Knowing the Worst Pickup Lines

Knowing the Worst Pickup Lines

worst pickup linesYou guys out there know that some pickup lines are effective, while some are just the worst pickup lines on the planet. Knowing this fact, you should familiarize yourself with the totally bad pickup lines so that you don’t fall flat on your face when you are face to face to a girl. Though pickup lines are often glorified, you can actually benefit from learning the pickup lines that are effective in starting conversations with girls. If you know the bad ones, you can have the advantage of not using them.

Worst pickup line 4: “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night.” This is one of the worst lines on the list because it has already existed even before this generation was born. It is cheesy, trite, and totally unoriginal. When you use it to get a girl talking, you must not hope for the best results, as not all women have a good sense of humor and have the ability to take the opener in a positive way. Therefore, you must avoid saying this line as it will surely fail.

Worst pickup line #3: “What’s up? It’s your lucky day! Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to.” Though confidence is always stressed when talking with the ladies, you cannot expect to get a positive reply from this opener. Why? It is so blatantly arrogant that the girls will be scared away right then. The line could only work if you are unbelievably great-looking.


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Worst Pickup Lines

Worst pickup line # 2: “I lost my phone number. Can have yours?” This totally lame excuse to get the phone number of a girl will also give you a similar reaction: lame. In your attempt to be funny, you will turn the girl off as she will know right away that you are just trying to make her give you her phone number and hitting on her. With this bad pickup line, do not even think of going home with the girl at the end of night. What you can expect instead is a blank stare in response.

Worst pickup line # 1: “Wow, great legs! When do they open?” This opener wins the title of the worst pickup lines ever even though it can tickle your best friend pink; it surely won’t draw out the same response from any girl. This comment actually does more harm than good as it tells that girl that you think she is a hot property which could scare her off. Besides, any girl with a good head on her shoulders will be would be offended, not flattered, by the inappropriate line. This is why you should not include this pick-up line in your books as it can give you problems.

In a nutshell, pickup lines are useful for having good laughs with friends but never at the expense of a girl. Besides, pickup lines themselves do not guarantee that you will succeed in asking a girl out on a date or even getting her to talk back to you. Pickup lines are merely conversation starters to get a girl to take an interest in you. Thus, when you know the bad pickup lines, you will save yourself from the humiliation of ever saying the worst pickup lines that have ever existed.

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