Learn How To Attract Hot Chinese Girls

Learn How To Attract Hot Chinese Girls

Attract Hot Asian WomenHot Chinese girls can seem like a mystery to Western guys who haven’t tried dating them before. It’s a fact that hot Chinese girls have a different mindset towards dating, and a unique perspective on relationships. And then there is a rich sense of cultural heritage that Chinese women have, which further differentiates them from all other women.

Advice To Attract Hot Chinese Girls

Globalization has brought about more of a blending of cultures between different lands, but when it comes to seducing and dating hot Chinese girls, I can still give you some specific ideas and mistakes to avoid.

The first thing to keep in mind is that hot Chinese girls are used to guys taking them out on “traditional” dates and trying to impress them by spending money, and trying to talk about their own positive qualities in an attempt to impress her. Frankly, she has heard all of it before in a great many versions and variations. In this case less is more. The less you try to impress her, the more the Chinese girl will feel curious about yhou. The key to this conversation is to ask thoughtful questions and get her to talk about herself. All you need is a small degree of interest. This throws her off guard as you are different and challenging, and hot Chinese girls like you challenging.

You should not try to “date” a Chinese girl in the normal Western way. That means, don’t try the traditional dating moves: spending money taking her to dinner and a movie, getting a goodnight kiss (at most), and then no more calls from her.

This is what everyone else is doing and it comes with too much pressure, expectations and awkwardness. These is what every one else has been doing with her. Instead, you should set up a first date that is simpler, cheaper and less predictable. Meet up with her for drinks, or a cup of coffee. She is less prepared and expectant. This way, the date won’t be burdened with expectations. You’ll act more relaxed, and she will loosen up and enjoy the conversation more.

All the other guys attempt to get these hot Chinese girls out on dates and impress them by talking about themselves and spending money. The truth is, she has heard it all before in many varieties and versions. In this case less is more. The less you try to impress her, the more the Chinese girl is impressed. Try listening to her and getting her to talk about herself. All you need is a faint degree of interest. This makes you seem very different from all of the other guys who have taken her on dates and tried to win her approval. Be a bit naughty. Throw in unexpected and mischievous remarks to leave her wondering if you just said that. Do not over do it, but do not show her you are overly impressed with her looks. Naughty actions and statements leave them wondering more about the kind of guy you are. Being a little bit of a “bad boy” can go a long way with hot Chinese girls.

Hot Chinese girls get a lot of admirers and so you have to be different to leave an impression. Most of these guys arer total wusses, whcih is a turn-off to a Chinese woman. So, she’ll want to test you a little bit to see whether you’re like all the others. Do not just give in to every one of her whims. You can playfully tease her, or deflect her questions and change the subject.

Believe it or not, a Chinese girl would rate you more if she discovers you are admired by other Chinese girls. So don’t spend all your time with one. Widen out and let them know you are trying to decide and have a lot of admirers. When you carry yourself with this attitude, you’re sure to get results and meet even MORE hot Chinese girls — and you’ll make it seem easy!

Next, realize that Chinese have very strong ties to their families. If you meet a Chinese lady you would likely notice that family bounds are more respected within them. So get to know more about her family. Show interest in her family, make a great impression on them, and it will surely increase the possibility of your success.

In Chinese society, honesty is also a quality that is considered highly important. Men of honor never abandon their responsibilities or break their commitments. Prove yourself as a man of honor and strong character — but with a mischevious and playful “bad boy” edge — and you’ll be irresistible to hot Chinese girls.

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