Learn How to Approach a Girl You Like

Learn How to Approach a Girl You Like

how to apporach a girl

Are you familiar with some techniques on how to approach a girl you like without appearing like a total fool? For the inexperienced, this can be a daunting feat but when you understand the basics, it becomes easier soon thereafter. These techniques I’m about to discuss with you were formulated based on how girls behave and think.


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Techniques on How to Approach a Girl You Like

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #1: Establish Social Value

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t directly approach a girl you like and introduce yourself just like that. Showing off your personality, charisma and social clout can help you be noticed first and build up a huge amount of attraction. To put it simply, you have to display traits that attract women. One way of doing this is by making sure your friends are enjoying your company; greet bartenders and waitresses you know; say hi to people you know in the room.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #2: Control Your Attraction Towards Her

Men who are way too eager to please a woman are a complete turn off. This is what players do that’s why they always bring home the bacon. I didn’t say that you’re going to be a jerk. Just give her an impression that you want to chat with her but if she’s not digging it, you’re cool with it. As long as you’ve done tip #1 well, she knows that if she rejects you, it’s going to be her loss. She has seen how you are with people and how everyone enjoys your company. Instead of being the pursuer, you just made yourself the prize.

You can star this the moment you approach her by letting her know first that you’re not going to eat up much of her time. Here’s an example:

“Hey, I see that you’re having fun with your friends but I’m not staying long. I saw you from across the room and I think you look awesome in that dress. I just thought I’d drop by and say Hi”.

She will smile and thank you for the compliment, do as you said and leave afterwhich.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #3: Make Use of Neutral or Flirt Openers

From the name itself you can tell that neutral openers are the opposite of flirt openers. If you want to use neutral openers, you have to be observant and notice everything about the girl and then you can make comments, questions or compliments using such observations.

When you use neutral openers you give the girl an impression that you appreciate her and what she has to say about things. The objective is for you to open up a conversation focused on her interests and make her talk. Women gravitate toward men who don’t see them as someone they can have great sex with. Although this may be your goal but the point is, you don’t make it obvious. Otherwise, you’ll get dropped like a hot potato. Call it ritual if you want but women warm up to these tactics and these are your tickets to her bed or her heart, for the romantics.

On the other hand, flirt openers must be used once you’re sure of your game. Flirt openers also work if you’re 100% sure that she’s into you. If in case you’re starting to get a lot of positive results everytime you use flirt openers, congratulations, it may mean you’re already an expert when it comes to macking.

If you want to know more tactics on how to approach a girl you like and other macking strategies.

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