What Makes Pick Up Lines Effective

What Makes Pick Up Lines Effective

Are you thinking of adding witty pick up lines to your flirting? I’m sure, like most guys, you’d like to have your bag of tricks ready when a situation presents itself. Funny pick-up lines do tend to work since girls fancy men who can tickle their funny bones…maybe.

Yes, you read that right, maybe. These pick up lines may not elicit bouts of giggles unless you do it right.

Delivering a pick up line is like coming up with a joke. You must ooze with confidence, but not too much as you might also become irritating. This is a big no no.

The key to delivering funny pick up lines successfully is confidence. Relax, and just enjoy the whole thing. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected. Look her in the eyes, be charming and most of all playful when delivering your lines. Below are examples that you can use:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

2. I appreciate the attention, but I’m not just a piece of meat *wink*

3. Screw me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?

Though a tad repulsive and somewhat cheesy, those lines do work. But seriously, the thing about using pick up lines is not what you say but how you say it. Believe me when I say that I have friends who uses really cheesy pick up lines effectively. Why is this so?

Its all about the vibe. They present it with humor mixed with sarcasm. Make the girl laugh and feel comfortable, and you’re set.

if you go online, you would see numerous sites that devotes itself to pick up lines that you can use. You may want to tweak it a bit so it would sound more natural and not forced. For example:

“I own a rocket. First stop your moons, then Uranus!”

Do you see my point? What im getting at is, humor is relative and that we should adapt it to the person were talking to. Hint, only use it with someone who’s 101% so into you. Here’s its diluted version: If she’s been staring at you all night just walk right up to her and say, “Hey, if you want to come over to my place so much just say it, no need to beat around the bush”.

Again, you have to make sure that the girl knows that you are just messing around… well, maybe. Its has to be a fine balance between the actual truth and a joke.

To end, pick up lines sometimes do work. But its effectiveness is really dependant on how you deliver and project yourself. But if you always find yourself being rejected, then I guess its time to get expert help.

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