Pick up Lines That Work

Pick up Lines That Work

pickup lines that worksFor sure, you have heard of pickup lines that work and pickup lines that fail. The important thing here is to know which pickup lines can get you the kind of attention you want. Thus, the first thing you need to do is get to know a few bad pickup lines and make sure you don’t ever use them on girl. On the other hand, you have to also find out the great pickup lines that girls respond to in a positive light. Having said this, you can benefit from reading the rest of the article so that you can equip yourself with the right pickup lines that really work.

The first true pickup line that works is an opinion opener. The girls will not admit it, but they just love give you their opinion on things most of the time. Therefore, when you give girls the opportunity to share their ideas about a topic, you can bet you will get a reply when you ask them for their opinions. To do this, you can succeed with the actual opinion opener, which could also cause a few laughs, “Who do you think lies more, men or women?” You can expect their honest opinion on the subject, which got them to talk to you in the first place.

Another one of the great pickup lines that work is a funny pickup line. It is common knowledge that girls like guys who can make them smile and who can make them feel good just talking to them. Thus, you cannot go wrong with this pickup line: “Hey, I’m thinking of getting my hair cut. If you could pick any guy’s haircut around here, which one would you recommend for me? Just don’t let it be that guy with the cut over there! Be nice.” The funny way you say the line, coupled with your self-assured body language, can make any girl take notice of you.


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Using Pickup Lines that Work

The third effective pickup lines you could try is this: “Hey guys, what do you think? Should I get my hair dyed blond?” When you call the girls “guys”, do not send the message that you are out to hit on them with a canned pickup line. Instead, when you treat them like one of the guys, you can help put them at ease around you. Therefore, use this line one day and prepare for great conversations to start from a simple and interesting line. When you succeed in this, all you have to do is keep the conversation alive.

The fourth successful pick-up line is also an opinion opener. It goes like this: “Hey, we need a quick female opinion on something. Do girls prefer Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing?” If the girls ask why, tell them you want purchase a birthday present for a friend. When they choose Pretty Woman, joke about their penchant for older men. If it’s Dirty Dancing that they prefer, follow your first question with another question which asks if they can connect with the female character in the film. You can bet that the conversation will be full of energy.

The conclusion here is that the right pickup lines do two things: make the girl smile and make her think. It is good for you to note that the four pickup lines given above have the two important things. Therefore, you’re halfway to getting your mission completed. You only need to match the pick-up lines with the right attitude and bearing. When you do, you will find yourself benefiting from the pickup lines that work.

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