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Dean Answers Questions About Get Dota

Ken asks… Whats the difference between DotA and other Computer games? is it worth your money? what lessons do you get from playing dota? why is it played mostly by boys and girls? need answers. tnx:) Dean answers: Dota is a strategy game and can get very addicting The problem is most people find it […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Dota

Richard asks… Im kinda new to DotA so i was wondering how I get power treads? There’s no recipe and its not sold anywhere, how do I get them? Dean answers: Boots of speed/Gloves of haste/Belt of giant strength should get u der, check all the shops for those 3 items. Robert asks… What are […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Horror Stories

Joseph asks… Internet Dating? Is it really realistic to find your true love on the internet? Does anyone have any success stories? Any horror stories? Of those of you who have dated, wasn’t it scary to meet for the first time? I didn’t say that I was looking for someone on the internet, just wondering […]