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Hot Japanese Girl

Hot Japanese Girl I want to show you this very sizzling hot video clip of a sexy hot Japanese girl. She’s one of the hottest Japanese babes I’ve seen lately. Honestly, I’ve always had an attraction to Japanese women, and I’ve had quite a few Japanese girlfriends. I can tell you that attracting and picking […]

How To Approach Girls

The Fastest Way To Learn How To Approach Girls If you want to quickly and massively improve your dating life, one of the most important things you can do is learn how to approach girls. The average guy, however, doesn’t have a clue how to approach girls effectively. Therefore, he constantly encounters these situations… He […]

How To Get Girls

How To Get Girls – Pickup Artist Strategies If you want to know how to get girls, read on. Men have been wondering how to get girls since the dawn of civilization. There are hundreds of books on how to get girls. There are entire courses designed to teach guys how to get girls. There […]

The Truth About Pick Up Lines – Do They Work?

The Truth About Pick Up Lines – Do They Work? A lot of guys think you’re supposed to use some sort of “cute pick up line“ when you try to start a conversation with a girl. Learning how to approach women might sound like a difficult and painful process. It requires confidence, and the ability […]

Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend In A Coma

Richard asks… Writing an essay on Girlfriend In A Coma…? It’s focusing on Chapter 14, the chapter where Karen wakes up just before Part 2. Any ideas to get me rolling? Dean answers: Long Live Generation X!: Girlfriend In a Coma, by Douglas Coupland … Stolen for the writing of this review, along with his […]