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Dean Answers Questions About Get A Girls Attention

Michael asks… How to get a girls attention and intrest? Im 16 and just got dumped by my girlfriend, and I know from past experiences that I just need to move on. The thing is I just can’t get the attention of other girls. Im quite good looking, have a good dress sense and that […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Sites Free

William asks… What are some good “free” online dating sites? And yes.. I’ve tried meeting people around my area, I even went out on a “blind date” and I just want to try out something new, so if you know of a great FREE dating site, please share with me :) Dean answers: Http:// […]

Dean Answers Questions About First Date Tab

Donald asks… On a first date, do I pick up the tab? OK, I met this really nice (and cute) girl. I asked her out, and she said yes. We want to go to a sushi place. Now my question: should I pick up the tab on our first date? Yes? No? Depends on how […]

Tips For Talking To A Girl You Like

Do you have your eye on a certain girl? It can be frustrating trying to build up the courage to talk to her. You might be afraid that she will shut you down or not feel the same way that you do. Luckily, there are some tips that you can follow in order to learn […]

Dean Answers Questions About Pick Up Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

Chris asks… What would be a real decent , classy but not too desperate , pickup line for guys to use on girls..? ? yeah… So all guys and girls… Guys tell me from your experience what’s the pick up line you used on girls ,whom you don’t know at all , that worked..? And […]