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How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way)

How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way) Your dating life — and sex life — are going to get better OVERNIGHT if you learn how to approach girls. But most guys never figure this stuff out. They go out to the bars and clubs every weekend, and try to converse with girls, but they have […]

Advice On How To Get One Night Stands

Advice On How To Get One Night Stands How’s everything going with your dating life? Did you find THE ONE yet? (The ultimate fun, smart, hot chick who you want to settle down with…) Or, are you going out to bars, clubs, and parties, and trying to meet someone new? If so, let me talk to you for […]

Dean Answers Questions About Girlfriend Application

Richard asks… Would you fill out an application for a boyfriend or girlfriend? I saw an add in the paper from a man accepting applications for a new girlfriend and wondered how many people would actually apply for that. Would you? Dean answers: Lol…No i would’nt…would you? Robert asks… what would your girlfriend application have […]

Dean Answers Questions About First Date Tab

Steven asks… On the first date, is it appropriate for the guy to pick up the dinner tab, or should the bill be split evenly? Dean answers: Etiquette rules say that the person who initiates the outing should pick up the tab. If she invites you out, she pays. James asks… How to copy cells […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Scams

Thomas asks… Online dating scams with frauds posing as deployed Marines or Soldiers…..? Recently there have been many posts of women asking if they send their online Captain or Sergeant boyfriend $2,000 will he come home from deployment early on the military board. These women want to know how to send the money so he […]