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Dean Answers Questions About Get A Girl To Like You

Donald asks… how do you tell a girl you like her? This girl I like has just gotten out of a relationship. I have been told by a couple friends who know the both of us that she has feelings for me, but needs a little time before committing to anything since she just got […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get A Girl Pregnant Game

Michael asks… how do you make a sims girl on sims 2 for game cube pregnant?ive tried whoo hoo alot but never comes up prego!? ive tried it with many different people and at many different places! I’ve also tried cheats or info. but i never get anything out of it! Dean answers: I’m pretty […]

How To Get A Girl In Bed Within Two Hours Of Meeting Her

How To Get A Girl In Bed On The First Night My name is Dean Cortez, and I’m one of the most notorious pickup artists in the world. I’ve banged beautiful women all the way from Boston to Bangkok, and I’m constantly developing, testing and perfecting new techniques to help guys improve their skills. When […]

Dean Answers Questions About How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Richard asks… How to talk to Girls on the Phone? I’ve never really talked to a girl on the phone before because I mostly text… I kinda get anxiety when I think about calling a girl. There is this Senior that gave me her number and doesn’t have texting so if I wanna talk to […]

Dean Answers Questions About Get Smart

William asks… Is it smart to get a 15 year old a Credit Card? I am 15, have a job and just wanted to know if getting a credit card would be smart. Is it a good idea to get a good credit score at my age? I wouldn’t buy tons of things, just when […]