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Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating

Chris asks… What do you think of Internet Dating Is Internet Dating Worthwhile ? anyone out there found internet dating and such to actually be worthwhile? It is quickly replacing the traditional approach as thousands of people each day choose to go this route. Dean answers: Yes, if you are lucky, you can get a […]

Dean Answers Questions About Free Online Sims Dating Games

George asks… Where can I get a crack file for the Sims 2 Free Time expansion? I downloaded a torrent and installed it but I need a crack file. I downloaded 2 other torrents for it and both of them say ‘open such and such folder and replace the real file with the crack file’ […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Statistics

Paul asks… can someone help me with my home work? You’ve settled on an idea for an essay to write. What should you do next? A. Plunge right in and start writing. Then create your outline from what you’ve written. B. Ask the reference librarian to help you make a plan and prepare your outline. […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Scams

Robert asks… what reqired to come from accra ghana to U.S. for marriage is there a declaration fee form. may be internet sc I met a young lady from accra Ghana she would like to come here so we can marry. She has a visa passport and airline ticket but was stopped by the Ghana […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Sites

William asks… why is my boyfriend asking me about online dating sites? we met online and now he often asks what would i do if we break up. he wonders would i go on dating sites again? would i upload my pictures and so on. why does he ask me that? i don’t know what […]