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Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Safety

Robert asks… Today I’ll speak with a girl on phone via internet, how I do to make her feel safety and know each other good? You know in dating internet it’s special for some people to know some one from different country, and dating :p in other country Please hep me, to give some point […]

Dean Answers Questions About Newgrounds Dating Game

Michael asks… Dating sim game that is (or was on newgrounds) name? Im wondering what the name of a dating sim game was called. The game started of when ur told you have i think 100 ( maybe more not sure) days to take out a girl get her to date you and fall in […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating

William asks… internet dating? Internet dating really sucks. 1.Fake Profiles 2.Nigerian Scammers 3.Married Women 4.Women looking for nothing 5.Fatties/Geeks 6.Incomplete profiles 7.No Headlines 8.Nasty looking women with many kids 9.No choices at all. I mean what’s the point trying internet dating with individuals who have no interest in doing nothing with their lives or refuse […]

Dean Answers Questions About Dating Services

Robert asks… Where can I find the number of people using on-line dating services in California? Doing a college class paper on on-line dating and need some stats on # of single women vs men in CA, # using dating services on-line and how many women vs men use these services? Dean answers: Join a […]

The Keys To Dating Asian Women

The Keys To Dating Asian Women   With the issue of dating Asian women, guys need to let go of their usual tactics. Now I understand that not all would agree with what I just said, but for the majority of non Asian males, this is true. Now the usual question is, how does one […]