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Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating

James asks… What percentage of your dates come from online dating sites? I would say most of my dates (80-90%) come from online dating sites since it is more convenient (although I do not want to be dependent on it). However, some sites are riddled with spammers, so it definitely has it’s faults. The traditional […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Movie

Michael asks… movies on internet dating ? you know like, you’ve got mail, the perfect man but, that’s all i knw. i’d like to know if ther are other such movies.. tx. csilvr, dumbass, i didn’t even ask anythin related to that. im askin abt MOVIES. :| Dean answers: I only know about You’ve Got […]

Dean Answers Questions About Free Online Dating

Thomas asks… What is the most popular/safest free online dating site with the best results? Serious answers only 10 points? I am looking for a popular reliable online dating site that is safe to use, free and proven to work. Dean answers: ‘plenty of fish’ is ? ?e?lly good d?ting site, its f?ee, s?fe ?nd […]

Dean Answers Questions About Online Dating Advice

George asks… Online dating advice? Your best and or worst story? just curious if anyone can relate, can you? To online dating? Dean answers: Ummm when I did I was super YOUNG(13),bored, and naive. I dated this guy for 3 years and I broke up with him. The weird thing is…I still talk to him […]

Dean Answers Questions About Internet Dating Scams

Robert asks… Are internet dating sites nothing but scams? i cringed when i found out eharmony is on lake ave in pasadena – ugh – why do these sites charge so much money – but are they nothing but bad business – what happened to the old fashioned way of meeting people by chance for […]