The Keys To Dating Asian Women

The Keys To Dating Asian Women


dating asian women

With the issue of dating Asian women, guys need to let go of their usual tactics. Now I understand that not all would agree with what I just said, but for the majority of non Asian males, this is true. Now the usual question is, how does one go about dating Asian women effectively? Truth be told, there are numerous ways on how to do it. But in this article, I’m going to just give you my top 4 methods. So if you are looking for solutions in dating Asian women, then read this article.


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Do’s And Don’ts Of Dating Asian Women

Although Asian women can seem hard to figure out, one of the best ways to win them over are through fun and simple conversations. But what do fun and simple conversations mean? Keep in mind to never talk about things that are way too intense or else she’ll just ignore you. In order for you to have a fun conversation you must condition your mind to have a fun disposition all throughout.

Tip number1: Learn Their Culture.

Asian culture in general is totally different from that of ours in the west when it comes with how we interact with women. Understanding what actions are frowned upon is key in trying to minimize any issue that might stem from difference in cultures. I know that we are in agreement when I say that the less arguments the better the relationship.

Tip number2: Enhance Your Image.

Marketing is all about imaging. This frame of mind can also be applied in dating Asian women. Work on an image that suggests confidence and sensitivity at the same time. A mix of the two can surely make women like you more.

Tip number 3: Be Endearing.

To further cement tip number 2, being endearing is the next step in successfully dating Asian women. Vague as it may sound, it is a pillar of effective dating. Being endearing calls for you to be both fun and appreciative. On your date, tell her about thing you experienced and what you’re planning to do next. Although we think of Asian girls as exotic, keep in mind that they also look at us that way.

Keep in mind that women are love to talk about topics pertaining to relationships and what constitutes cheating. Complimenting her makes it easier for her to like you because you make her feel appreciated. When an Asian girl feels good about you, you can easily use this to your advantage so you can talk to her easily.

Tip number 4: Be A Gentleman.

Asian culture hold dear the idea of respect and honor. With that knowledge, a guy needs to show the he lives by these as well. Being a gentleman is not just about clothes and good imaging. Eloquence and grace are also required in the mix. Regardless if you are only after a one night stand or a relationship that may lead to marriage, playing the role of a gentleman is needed in order for you to achieve your goal.

Those were my 4 surefire tips on dating Asian girls. Like what I stated earlier, there are many other approaches out there. And the ones I gave you were just basic tips just to give others a heads up on what to expect when dating Asian women.

For the last time, always remember that what you know when it comes to dating does not entirely apply when it comes to dating Asian women. As it is a new playing field, you need something to guide you through it..

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