Understanding How To Have A Girlfriend

how to have a girlfriendThere is no textbook formula on how to have a girlfriend. In most cases, it is best to let things happen as naturally as possible. Fortunately most places in the world are not segregated on the grounds of gender. This means that men and ladies can get to meet in a lot of different places and under a lot of different situations.

Some of the most popular places where people of opposite genders can meet are university campuses. The guys and the ladies at most colleges are young and attractive. The hormones are flowing in both sexes so the guys and the ladies are likely to have mutual interest in each other. This is not to say that life in the university campus is a kind of relationship blitz. The basic thing in every relationship is respect for the other person. For this reason, the young man needs to respect the young lady and the lady needs to do the same.

Another great place for people to meet and have a relationship is the workplace. People who work together get to spend a lot of time with each other. Naturally, some people are bound to get attracted to their colleagues and if the feeling is mutual on both sides, a relationship can begin in the place of work. It has to be pointed out that there are companies which frown on office relationships for certain reasons. In some cases, male bosses are not allowed to have relationships with female subordinates because it may cause friction in the workplace. All these need to be noted and understood by people who want to have office relationships.

Having a girlfriend is not always a matter of opportunity and proximity. A man has the masculine duty to go looking for a woman of his choice. This means that the man in search of a girlfriend can get the lady of dreams from very unlikely locations. People can get to meet in basketball games, in soccer stadiums, in cinemas, at shopping malls and even in the church. People can also meet as neighbors on the same street or through mutual friends. All these are true but after a man has met a woman he finds attractive, he has to know how proceed to make the lady his girlfriend. This is where the man has to be patient, tactful, smart and very intelligent.

Meeting a girl is one thing. Making her a girlfriend is a different kettle of fish entirely. The first step is for the man to decide he really likes the girl in question. Once he has made the decision to go after her; the rest is a matter of planning and strategy. Making a female acquaintance become a girlfriend takes a bit of work. The man really has to be nice to the lady. This means that the man has to show the lady the best side of his character at the beginning of the relationship. In simple terms, this means being polite, generous, cheerful and thoughtful.

We live in a very liberal world these days, but most sensible ladies still appreciate a man that knows the meaning of the word courtesy. Things like flowers, cards, chocolates and exotic dinner dates will always do the magic. So will being attentive, being sincere and being honest. It has to be pointed out as well that no woman wants to have a wimp as a boyfriend. This means that a man has to assert himself sometimes but he has to do it in a polite and considerate manner.

Finally, the man who wants to know how to have a girlfriend needs to understand that women do not like men who are brash and self-centered. A man needs to be smart, respectful to women and fair-minded in every way. These are the right qualities that will charm a lady. These are the qualities to transform a lady from an acquaintance to a special girlfriend.

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