Ways to Get a Girlfriend Back – 3 Ways That Work to Get Her Back Fast

Article by Chris Tyler

If you are thinking about trying to win back an ex girlfriend, then you probably want to know which ways to go about getting her back that will work. After all, you do not want to waste your time and your money focusing in on strategies that just are not going to make a dent at all in changing the way that she feels. So, what are some ways to get a girlfriend back that actually do work most of the time?

Here are 3 ways that are proven to be effective at getting a girlfriend back:

1. Pursue her like you would a woman that you have not been in a relationship with before.

Most of the time when a guy fails to win back an ex girlfriend, it has a lot to do with the fact that they are going about pursuing her as an ex girlfriend and not a new one. Why would that make a difference? Well, it has a lot to do with your mindset. If you try to pursue her as an ex girlfriend only, then you are probably not going to do the things that you would do in the beginning of a relationship. And those things that you would do in the beginning of a relationship are the things that build up attraction.

2. Take some time to see what else is out there before you try and win her back.

It can be a big mistake to exclude the possibility of seeing other women if you want to get a girlfriend back. I know, that might sound weird, but most of the time it is true. Why? Well, for one, you need to know if you really want *her* back, or you just are looking for a girlfriend and your ex seems like an easy choice. And two, you need to show your ex girlfriend that you are able to move on, and that you are not hung up only on her. That way, you have a more natural dynamic than if she knows that you are stuck on her.

3. Find a guide to get your girlfriend back and use it.

No one just figures out all of the right things to do to win back an ex girlfriend all on their own. The only way you can do this without a guide is to rely on trial and error and your odds are not very good at all. However, having a proven guide to get your girlfriend back can take away all of the trial and error and point you in the right direction so that you DO end up doing the right things to get her back.

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